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This page contains POI Collections for you to download for free. These will work with all TomTom devices, including the TomTom GO series 3,5,7,9, Traffic, cracker, Europe, Special, Rider, Navigator, & Mobile. These files were made to solve the limitations of the TomTom's storage capacity. Now that's no longer an issue, they are still very useful to have all the brands (e.g. petrol stations) consolidated in one POI file. That means to hunt for a fuel stop, you only need to query one POI file not each individually.

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Instructions for downloading files from this web page

Please download the POIs that you require below by locating the relevant POI set  in the box below. Then click on either the ICON or the TITLE of the box. This will then initiate the downloading procedure which is to download a .ZIP file.

TOMTOMFREE.COM uses a very simple file retrieval system. This is to allow as many users as possible to benefit from our downloads without technical difficulties.

Unfortunately we cannot test every system and the setup of every browser type. If for some reason your web browser prevents you from downloading the .ZIP files then you will have to change the browsers settings to download the files.

Some software firewalls on PC' will warn you when you try and download a .ZIP file because they can contain viruses. Some may also prevent you from downloading the files. If this is the case then please refer to your firewalls documentation and setup.

A firewall may warn you when you download a .ZIP file from an un-trusted source or website. In this case we are a trusted source and we guarantee that our .ZIP files contain no viruses. Our files also don't contain any programs that can be activated as you are only downloading tomtom data files.



The POI files here have recently been extensively updated along with the rest of our data sets. We went back to primary data providers and verified details. The CD ROM that we sell (see box to right) contains all of the POIs here as well as many more we don't publish.  Plus they are all easy to use, don't require unzipping and you can download or buy them on CD ROM. 

We also create special POI sets for business to use - to ensure that their customers and partners can find locations. For info on this please see our group website www.landis-media.co.uk If you haven't downloaded tomtom HOME yet (it works for all tomtom's other than PDA's) then you should. The main advantage is that you can update your software to version 6 - and that increases POI limit up from the 29 up to 100 - a much more sensible number. 

Some of you may notice that the number of POI we supply here on the site has been reduced. We have been concentrating on trying to improve POI quality overall and therefore to push the CD ROM that we sell (for a very reasonable price). We think that the POI below provide a fair reflection of what the disk contains.

We are also working on a much more targeted set of data to complement the new TomTom devices, with their increased capabilities.

Make sure that you register with us by using this UPDATES LINK - for changes to the POIs and latest news.



This "Feature Collection" includes all the leading fuel suppliers as well as independent service stations. We have collated them together and included phone numbers as well as the brand name for easy navigation. An essential POI set to have on any trip, to make sure you don't run our of petrol !

major petrol brands for tomtom POI icon downloads



A "feature collection" of major DIY stores across the United Kingdom. Includes B&Q, FOCUS & DO IT ALL. This file contains in a single source the separate B&Q & FOCUS files as well as additional DIY stores. A useful collection that we will be expanding soon.

hammer showing major POI downloads for tomtom go with B&Q and focus stores



This "Feature Collection" includes all the main National Trust, English Heritage, Coastal Landmark Properties and Nature Reserves. A handy guide to anyone in the mood for a weekend excursion or just out and about with the family.

 iamge of national trust, english heritage and lighthouses for free tomtom POI downloads



This "Feature Collection" contains all of the main hotels as well as some cheaper night spots, from Crown Plaza, Marriott & Hilton to Holiday Inn and Travel lodges. This is an indispensable guide to hotels in the UK. We recently added 15 more hotel brands to this file and we will update frequently.

hotels of good quality POI downloads for tomtom



This "Feature Collection" includes all periods from the UK past. Sites include barrows, downs, stone circles, buildings, forts and sundry other interesting landmarks of our rich historic heritage. Useful for a day out sightseeing with a difference.

image of howard r williams - lead geonaute


This "Feature Collection" includes Little Chef Restaurants, All the motorway services from the likes of Moto, Granada, Welcome Break etc. An essential Collection for you to have for all those long journeys in the car. Especially if you have children and you need to take a rest break.



Click here for our POI Collection of all UK based farms. We have taken all of the single POI farm types, arable, mixed, livestock and Farm Shops / PYO and combined them into one single file. This is very useful for anyone who needs to find remote or obscure farm shops, farms and for all others. 



This "Feature Collection" includes Rugby League grounds, First Division and Conference Football Grounds. All you need to find that ground and get to that match, even if its an away game. We considered placing this in with the sports clubs but have kept it separate.




This "Feature Collection" includes Blacks Camping Shops, Independent Camping Retailers, Campsites, Caravan & Camp Sites, Caravan Club Sites, Independent Caravan Sites and Caravan Spare Parts. Everything that's needed for the camping enthusiast in just one file.



This "Feature Collection" includes Swimming pools, Recreation Grounds, Sports Clubs, Sports Parks, Gyms, Health Clubs and Leisure Facilities. Indeed everything that you need for a day out for yourself or with the children.  We hope you enjoy using this collection as much as the user who asked us to pit this together.

image of howard r williams - lead geonaute and leisure centres



This "Feature Collection" includes all the top  brands and independents, Iceland, Tesco, Sainsbury's, Waitrose, Somerfield, Safeway, ASDA, Spar, M&S, CO-OP etc. So all you have to do is to load this up and pick from the 3500 supermarkets in this Collected POI set ! Its all about choice - "every little helps".




Click here for our POI Collection of all UK based religious buildings and meeting places, All denominations are covered here, with a large number of Christian places of worship, but also the worlds other main religions and less well know (e.g. sons of Zion, Elim Pentecostal Church, 7th Day Adventist ) are covered too. There's around 4500 entries in this collection.  







Click here for our POI Collection of all UK banks - including Barclays, Nat West, Abbey National, HSBC, Lloyds TSB , Halifax etc. Great for when you need to quickly pay a cheque into a branch and you are out an about and don't know where the nearest branch is. This will help you find the branch before it closes at 4.30 !  


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