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This page contains standard POI files for you to download for free. These will work with all TomTom devices, including the TomTom GO series 3,5,7,9, Traffic, cracker, Europe, Special, Rider, Navigator, & Mobile. These files are just a sample of the files that can be bought HERE or from our partner UK PlaceFinder (see link in right hand box).

So if you like the files you try out here then you can get the most up to date and accurate files in either an easy to use DOWNLOAD or on CD ROM DISK.

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Instructions for downloading files from this web page

Please download the POIs that you require below by locating the relevant POI set  in the box below. Then click on either the ICON or the TITLE of the box. This will then start the download - which is a .ZIP file.

TOMTOMFREE.COM uses a very simple file retrieval system. This is to allow as many users as possible to benefit from our downloads without technical difficulties.

Unfortunately we cannot test every system and the setup of every browser type. If for some reason your web browser prevents you from downloading the .ZIP files then you will have to change your browser/firewall settings to download the files.

Some software firewalls on PC's will warn you when you attempt to download. This is because .ZIP files can potentially contain viruses. McAfee have checked our site for harmful viruses and software and you can click this LINK to see this report.

Some firewalls may also prevent you from downloading the files. If this is the case then please refer to your firewalls documentation and setup. Our .ZIP files do not contain any "active" components - only data.

You will need to SAVE the .ZIP file to your computer and then proceed to unzip it to access the POI data. Click below for a guide to this setup procedure. 



The POI files here have recently been extensively updated along with the rest of our data sets. We went back to primary data providers and verified details. The CD ROM that we sell (see box to right) contains all of the POIs here as well as many more we don't publish.  Plus they are all easy to use, don't require unzipping and you can download or buy them on CD ROM. 

We also create special POI sets for business to use - to ensure that their customers and partners can find locations. For info on this please see our group website If you haven't downloaded tomtom HOME yet (it works for all tomtom's other than PDA's) then you should. The main advantage is that you can update your tomtom software to version 7. 

Some of you may notice that the number of POI we supply here on the site has been reduced. We have been concentrating on trying to improve POI quality overall and therefore to push the CD ROM that we sell (for a very reasonable price). We think that the POI below provide a fair reflection of what the disk contains.

We have also a new MAP SERVICE - where we can provide your TomTom with a new set of up to date maps. We will do all the installing and setup required as well as cleaning up the software on your TomTom. To see details of this then CLICK HERE.

Make sure that you register with us by using this UPDATES LINK - for changes to the POIs and latest news.


London Underground

This POI file has all of the London Underground Stations shown ready for you to use. We have also added the over ground stations shown on the tube map. With multi entry tube stations (like Bank) we also have them listed out. An essential download for your trips in the capital.




This POI file features in or Supermarket collected POI file as one of a number of brands. It has been revisited and updated again, with extra stores. On the disk we have M&S, Morrison's, Tesco, Waitrose, Somerfield, Sainsbury's etc




Here is a list of well known Pubs where the beer is kept in good condition, service is friendly and the facilities are good. We also have a High quality Pubs and a Gastro Pubs on the POI disk we sell. Those are very popular. 



Motorway Services

This file will also be included in our Motorway and Travel Collection. We have re-checked this again and linked the file to sensible entry points to the services. On the disk we have the shops inside the services like M&S and so on.



National Trust

Here is the one that everyone wants - and its yours for FREE ! On the disk that we sell - we also have English Heritage, Brochs, Munros, Iron Age Settlements, Castles (over 4000), Roman Sites, Archaeological digs and so on. If you like old houses you need the disk.



Passenger Airports

This POI file features in or Supermarket collected POI file as one of a number of brands. It has been revisited and updated again, with extra stores. On the disk we have M&S, Morrison's, Tesco, Waitrose, Somerfield, Sainsbury's etc



ESSO Fuel Stations

Recently updated, we have here a 3 POI set for you: all ESSO services, open 24hr services and not 24hr services. Download and select which ones you want to use. On the disk we sell we also have BP, SHELL, Q8, MURCO, National, Texaco, ASDA, TESCO, Morrisons etc.



Gyms & Health Clubs

This file was included so that you can see that we have some sports related POIs. On the disk we also have Rugby clubs, football clubs, swimming pools, leisure centres, golf courses, driving ranges, and so on.



Independent Camping Shops

A hard choice this one - but it represents what we have on the disk well. We have camping and caravan sites C&C and CC - both types. We have caravan spares shop's, camping shops,  Blacks and so on.



LPG - with forecourts

This POI file will help those with LPG enabled cars to locate a garage with ease. We have on the disk we sell the other which is UK LPG no forecourt.




Wetherspoons we all know and love. Well we have all sorts of pubs on the disk we sell. We just thought that as this is very popular we would put it up on the site for free. The curries they do are very good value - especially for a lunch.



Driving Ranges

We put this on top show some more sport. On the disk we sell we have a full set of Golf Courses & Clubs, as well as Gold Centres. So if you play golf already or are thinking of taking it up, you cant do better than buying the disk.



Premier Travel Inn

Part of a large chain of hotels throughout the UK. They provide an economic place to stay the night if you are out and about. A lot of salespeople use these POI and we have all major economy and luxury chains on the CD ROM disc we sell.




This file is also of course in the collections. We also have Wickes, B&Q, Focus, Do It all, Habitat, Fired Earth, Travis Perkins and so on. We thought this was the best compromise and that B&Q was too well trodden. If you want B&Q then please get the disk.




The well know building supply merchants. They don't seem to advertise on television any more, the catchphrase was "we've got the Jewson lot". Well they still stock building materials and are a useful source of goods.



Methodist Churches

 Just to show there's no bias we pout up Methodist churches. This is a great POI set from Peter Howarth and very thankful we are for it. As churches are often coded to the vicars home address and not the church itself. A handy guide for all Methodists.


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